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October 17 2017

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Light into the Fog by Satoshi OKA

October 16 2017

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Bruce Pennington - Forest Temple

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No umbrellas we get cleansed by the rain like stevie nicks wanted

October 15 2017

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sergey_polyushko x Mysterious forest,  Lysa Hora, Kiev

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…And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the…

*Strange-purr Things*

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Petroleum, when you think about it, is definitely an escaped piece of worldbuilding from a twee gothic fantasy dystopia

“The elven civilization gets energy from poisonous, flammable rock juice mined deep underground, sometimes causing earthquakes in the process. It’s slowly roasting their planet, but they keep doing it anyway to light their disposable palaces and fuel nihilistic displays of opulent wealth. Its stabler aethers are used in cosmetics rubbed upon the skin.”

Like, all it needs is a sinister glowing magenta aesthetic to be absolutely ludicrously fake

“where did it come from?”

“oh just the bodies and bones of great beasts of legend, crushed for aeons beneath mountains of stone”

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a little dark, michaels, but i’m with ya

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October 14 2017

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Anne Sudworth

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Atsuko Goto

October 13 2017

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Montalto Ligure village view by robertzonnekeyn #SocialFoto

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Ocean, 1896, Ivan Aivazovski

Medium: oil, canvas

October 12 2017

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Blackberries in Basket 

by August Laux 

October 11 2017

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Thank you! :)

Fandom Loves Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is in super bad shape. Hurricane Maria has destroyed entire towns, wiped out their electrical grid, trashed hospitals and roads. Right now, ten days after Maria made landfall, more than 40% of the island currently lacks access to drinking water and electricity - literally millions of people. It’s estimated that it will take up to six months to repair the electrical grid and get power back to the island. They will need sustained, committed aid.

How will this fundraiser work?
Creators can sign up over here to auction off fics, art, meta, beta services, consulting, tutorials, anything! Then, we spend the next few weeks whipping social media into a frenzy about how awesome fandom charity auctions are, and how many frigging cool creators have signed up for this one! Then, the auction page will go live on Dreamwidth! Each offering will get its own comment post, and a frenzy of bidding will happen in the comment threads! The winners will have a set amount of time to send their creator proof of their donation. Once they’ve donated, the creator gets to work making cool shit! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy - the tried and true formula for fandom fundraising.

Sign ups will be open until October 15th
The auction will go live on October 21st, and close a day or so later. 
Proof of donations must be sent by November 4th to claim your prize!

Click through here to find out what kind of works can be auctioned, what charity we’ll be donating to, and other information.

If you also want to help donate for immediate relief now, thank you so so much, and here are some reputable organizations that are sending direct aid right now.

All static pages (sign up sheet, FAQ, the auction page, and other info) will be maintained on Dreamwidth to keep links and resources consistent, but please share this post on tumblr or any other platform!  You do not need a Dreamwidth account to comment at the community, but I’m also happy to answer questions or give other information here on tumblr. My ask box is open, anon is okay. 

Fandom has come together and done amazing things - from Sweet Charity to Fandomaid to @fandomtrumpshate. Let’s show some love to Puerto Rico and help them get back on their feet.

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The ideal antiques store


-pitch dark
-you get a revolver and a glow stick to traverse the store and defend yourself from shambling horrors

October 10 2017

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Why we need GMOs to survive climate change

Genetically modified organisms get a bad rap for many reasons, but we’ve actually been genetically altering what we eat since the dawn of human history.

“For 10,000 years, we have altered the genetic makeup of our crops,”explains UC Davis plant pathology professor Pamela Ronald.

“Today virtually everything we eat is produced from seeds that we have genetically altered in one way or another.” (You can read more about Ronald’s thoughts on genetically engineered food here.)

Right now her focus is on rice. It’s one of our basic crops and without it, we would struggle to feed much of the world.

With climate change, we’re seeing an increase in flooding in places like India and Bangladesh, which makes it harder to grow this important food staple.

So Ronald and her lab have developed a flood-tolerant strain of rice. It’s known as Sub1a or “scuba rice” and millions of farmers in South Asia are now growing it in their fields. 

Today is National Food Day, a day dedicated to hunger awareness. But as we focus on food insecurity, we need to talk more about how global warming will make the problem worse.

As our climate continues to heat up, it has huge impacts on what foods we are able to grow. Will our crops be able to survive droughts and floods? The University of California leads six labs that are working to develop other climate-resilient crops including chickpea, cowpea and millet.

Find out what other scientists are doing to improve our food.

Your daily reminder that GMOs are not evil - profit-mongering corporations are.

This is literaly what happens in nature. this gene ‘might’ have been able to transfer eventualy over time. so instead of waiting we just give the genes a little nudge,

see also the rice and bananas that were given a gene to produce vitamin A so that thousands of kids dont go blind due to vitamin A deficiencies


ALL OF THIS!!! When you discuss GMOs please be mindful to not conflate the science, which is good and vital, with the awful business practices of companies like Monsanto.

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