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April 23 2017




important question: has iguanamouth drawn a dragon with tree frog legs

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm too long


April 22 2017

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The Australian Reptile Park has released a 20-second clip of the newest tiny addition to its king brown snake family taking its first breath and people are losing their cool over how cute the baby reptile is.

The video was shot by the park’s head of reptiles and venom, Billy Collett, and captured the youngling in what looks like a mid-yawn. We wonder how long before this newborn loses its “cuteness” — king brown snakes are one of the longest venomous snakes in the world. (Source)

this is too amazing not to reblog



name one native american intellectual off the top of your head, name one native american actor or actress off the top of your head, name one native american senator, one native american news anchor, or an author or a tv personality or a singer or a poet or a comedian, name a single native american teacher you’ve had, can you? probably not 

ok so now think of one native american cartoon character you know of or a sports team relating to native americans whether it’s their actual name or their team logo, or a town you live in or near with a “native” name bet a lot of these things came to you right away i bet you didn’t even have to think 

needing native representation in media, education and government are not decoy issues, the commercialization and appropriation of native cultures are not decoy issues, the lack of native representation is institutional oppression at work 

White people specifically need to reblog this, I don’t CARE if it makes you uncomfortable–that’s the point. Listen to Native voices about Native issues PLEASE

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— Alan Lee
Cantref y Gwaelod

April 21 2017

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“Victorian Velociraptor with Violets.” Acrylic and liquid gold leaf on Rives BFK. Made by Adam Mazur. 


Someone painted this.

Someone out there sat down and said that they were going to paint this.

Somebody planned this out and then did it.

What a time to be alive.

actual portrait of me 

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Common Blue Butterflies & Sea Holly ❀

by Charles Cuthbert

April 20 2017



Wa-hoo-hoo the barred owl is very photogenic, patient, and soft to pet. Petting an owl is definitely one of the perks of scientific illustration.


April 19 2017





Why does everyone say that they played someone ‘like a fiddle’? Fiddles are actually pretty difficult to play? Why not say ‘I played him like a recorder’? ‘Like a xylophone’? ‘Like a triangle’?

I think it’s got to do with detail and subtlety. If you play someone like a fiddle, that’s like, Iago or some shit. If you play someone like a triangle, you just told them there was free food somewhere when there wasn’t.

I’ve once  read the following exchange:

“You played me!”

“Like the cheap kazoo you are.”

Which in my books is a pretty epic burn if we’re going to be making musical comparisons.

Writing that one down for future use tbh

Neil Gaiman Is Launching an American Gods Beauty Line




If NYMag’s The Cut believes our American Gods scent collaboration is worth checking out, who are we to disagree? 

They’ve even teased a few of the scents that we have yet to release…

this is apparently not a joke? jesus fucking christ

It’s not a joke. It’s also not actually quite true. What is true is that BPAL have been doing scents and products based on my books and stories for a about a decade now, with all proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. And now they are rolling out a bunch more American Gods scents and products to join the ones they already have. http://cbldf.org/2017/04/bpal-supports-free-speech-with-new-american-gods-scents/ is the CBLDF press release.

https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/neil-gaiman/american-gods/ is the link to the BPAL page…

This is so exciting, I love BPAL and American Gods!!

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added to wish list @in-soviet-russia-appa-rides-you



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April 18 2017



I’m gunna swap places with my shadow and finally be free.

I’ll drape myself over objects and textures, I’ll practice acceptance of all things. I’ll stretch long in the morning, disappear in the afternoon, and at night I’ll become the whole world.

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It’s the Pope

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Reblog if you would be comfortable living in a dormitory with an openly transgender or intersex individual. We’re working on a campaign for gender neutral housing and we could use your support.

April 17 2017

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April 16 2017

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Writing With Color – Featured POC Profiles

Writing With Color is grateful to receive PoC Profiles from folks all over the world, PoC Profiles being a snapchat in the life of folks of marginalized race, ethnic and religious groups who share their stories. This post features some that have gained traction from readers and resonated with many (Based on 2014-2016 results).

Top Frequented Profiles

Personal Experiences on Important Topics

We highly encourage reading all of the perspectives WWC readers have to offer. You may find them insightful, especially in regards to getting that “real” perspective as well as learning more of how people would like to be portrayed in media, as many offer thoughts on their representation.

View the rest of the collection of PP here.

If you’ve got some experiences to share as a PoC and/or ethnic or religiously marginalized person, submit them to writingwithcolor.tumblr.com/submit.

Don’t know where to start? Topic ideas provided here.



Too depressed to be awake? Not depressed enough for a Depression Nap™? Welcome to Existential Crisis Wrapped in Blanket!

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