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August 01 2017

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Horns and spots? How does that….?

It’s a Sika deer! They’re known as the spotted deer, they don’t lose their spots when they mature!

My high school reading class was discussing The Fellowship of the Ring and hobbits today, and in passing I reminded them that hobbits are kind of small and fat, and one of the boys in my class sternly told me that Frodo was not fat, he was thick. 

I mean, of course I immediately laughed and conceded the point. Frodo is thick and he is beautiful just the way he is. My God, I love these kids. 


Literally just want to lay in someone’s lap with the rain outside pattering on the roof and have my hair stroked yep

July 31 2017

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Tomasz Mrozkiewicz (1997, Polish)

July 30 2017


i crave simple things in life like fresh sourdough bread with a shallow but ornate dipping bowl containing olive oil/balsamic/fresh herbs on a moonlit evening overlooking the sea in some fuckall, Mediterranean location where i’m left alone to eat my bread and let the iodine from the sea air heal my torn up spirit & also six hundred million dollars in unmarked duffle bags stuffed into a swiss bank account box i receive for completing a job of dubious morality

July 29 2017

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Kevin Sloan

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Neapolitan Lighthouse via Ivan Aivazovski

Size: 69x87 cm
Medium: oil, canvas

July 28 2017

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Gifs Show How Mushrooms Grow

Mushrooms are fast-growing organisms that quickly pop up after the rain. These mesmerizing time-lapse gifs record the mushroom buds bursting through the soil and elegantly expanding their caps.







Honestly the mere fact that some people refer to Daddy Long Legs as “harvestmen” is creepier than 90% of all deliberately created horror but like the worst part is that the alternative is calling them Daddy Long Legs


They are harvesting our sorrows

True harvestmen, and not cellar spiders which are the other Daddy Long Legs, are truly omnivorous- known to eat everything from spiders, to fecal matter, to leaves and fungus… But one of the singularly most interesting habits of a particular European species is their almost symbiotic relationship with beehives– particularly man-made beehives. When a bee dies inside the hives, workers will remove the the corpse to just outside the hive just before dark. And the harvestmen? Well, they live up to their name.

So what you’re saying is that they are the grim reaper for bees.

sit down, y’all.

where I grew up, come autumn, the fields would be covered with so many harvestmen you couldn’t see the ground (I ain’t posting pictures cause some of y’all wouldn’t sleep again) They always seemed to be rushing somewhere. That somewhere was to meet the Grim Reaper.

see, I was taught that Harvestmen are the souls of the dead. Death comes down to earth in autumn (that’s why we have Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, etc. in October) and all the souls that died that year go running to meet him and be harvested.

and the cellarkin? Well you don’t see them rushing about. They’re the souls of the damned. Paler, thinner, weaker than the harvestmen, cellar spiders are cursed to lurk in the dark forever.

When I was a kid, waking up to find a harvestman in your room was a good thing - it meant a dead friend was watching over you. Sometimes they could show you things by settling into a pattern, dancing on a part of your body or turning up in groups of a certain number.

You don’t have to believe me but I bet you’ll think about it next time you see one.

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Praying Mantis in Amber (Hymenaea protera, Oligocene) - Dominican Republic

July 27 2017

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Prescription: Daily Dose of Tiny Friends

Storenvy | Redbubble

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Hours of Marguerite d’Orleans | Gallica

July 26 2017

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How the lizard became a chameleon. The peacock and the wishing-fairy and other stories - Corinne Ingraham - 1921 - via Internet Archive

July 25 2017



If you want to be friends with me you don’t have to be “Hi, um, can, ya know, we be friends?”

It is 1000000000000000000000% percent ok if you just go into my inbox can go. “Man, I am so fucking pissed off at fucking Michael.” And I’ll most likely respond with, “Oh shit! What did Michael do now?“ 

this is such a good post because asking ppl if you can be friends can make them feel so uncomfortable but if you approach them like this its SO EASY to start a conversation and let a friendship develop naturally

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I have some high quality prints of this painting for sale. For more info message me.


July 24 2017

Astronomers report: for perhaps 2 billion years, a black hole has been singing.
— Kate Angus, from ‘Theosophy’  (via aegeane)
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Solomon’s Shield is the name of the app

OMG Download this!!!! Stop Police Brutality!


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