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August 20 2017


One of the best things about Gimli going to Valinor is the way it happened. Like if he’d been invited to go along on one of the swan boats by Galadriel or something that would be reasonable, still completely unheard of but it makes sense that someone like her could talk the Valar into letting him in. But no, he goes with freaking Legolas. Legolas, who was eloquently described in one post as “the baby gay dudebro redneck of the elves.” Legolas, who missed all the boats to Valinor because he was running around having adventures, and then when he decided to finally go, having never seen the ocean in his life, went “I’ll just build my own boat how hard can it be” and presumably just showed up to Valinor 15 decades late on what I like to imagine was a barely seaworthy disaster of a boat and some random dwarf in tow like “this is fine right?” in the ugliest Sindarin accent ever to grace its white shores.

The implication being that the Valar, when confronted with this situation, all shrugged wearily and said “sure, why not.”

August 19 2017

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My box of raisins is making me really uncomfortable

Don’t ignore it.

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BLUEBIRD (2001) by Michael Whelan

Acylic on Panel 12" x 12"

August 18 2017

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Judy Garfin

Born in Edmonton in 1946, Judy Garfin’s world-wide travels, particularly to Thailand, India, the Middle East, and across America, have inspired her finely wrought painting technique. She is best known for richly coloured and extraordinarily detailed floralscapes which take hyper-realism into the realm of abstraction. Her work has been exhibited across Canada and in the U.S. and she teaches at Concordia University. In collaboration with the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Regional Gallery and Galerie de Bellefeuille of Montreal, Judy Garfin had an important catalogued traveling exhibition in 1998 which was also be affiliated with the Venice Biennale in 2001.

August 17 2017

Looking for more people to follow


Please reblog if you post any of the following:

-Steven universe
-gravity falls
-bee and puppycat
-Jessica jones
-Dan and Phil
-Harry potter
-parks and Rec
-Rick and Morty

-(NOT porn)

Social justice:
-feminism (trans inclusive)
-pro LGBTQA+
-pro POC
-pro choice
-Bernie sanders

Other stuff:
-funny shit

August 16 2017

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Anubis + weighing of the heart in 01x03: Head full of Snow

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Peter Kertis

August 15 2017

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womenwhofarm This is amazing. From @shutterjet - There was a large BC slug consuming a dandelion in my backyard and I decided to do a time lapse video of it eating. This is potentially the best thing I’ve ever filmed. ©2017 shutterjet/R Jeanette Martin



If you publicly and unreservedly condemn the actions of Nazis in Charlottesville and elsewhere, including everything from quiet hate speech to vehicular terrorism, can you please reblog this post.

I think a few friends, a few followers, every Jew who happens across this post and my own heart could do with knowing that there are more of you out there than there are of them

August 14 2017


whether u had a crush on aragorn or legolas defines ur Type forever

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Sunset at Sea (1906 / Oil on canvas) - Thomas Moran

[1 of 4 versions]

August 13 2017

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This is why my generation is angry about the minimum wage.

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Kim Høltermand

August 12 2017

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1. sunrise.

2. morning serenade, alborado.

Etymology: Spanish albor from Latin albus, “white” + -ada, from Latin -āta, feminine of -ātus.

[image source]

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