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does the existence of redwall abbey imply that there is a mouse pope? more at 11

i want to address the point that the redwall creatures seemed like protestants with the fact that this further implies a Mouse Reformation, featuring a mouse dissident and indeed.. a mouse pope

While it is indeed possible that the theology of Redwall had deviated from the dicta of the Mouse Pope (Pope Mus IV), Protestants don’t, as far as I or the internet knows, have much of a monastic tradition, thus proving that they are Catholic and fall under the jurisdiction of the Holy (Mouse) See. In this essay, I will show that Martin the Warrior should have been excommunicated for his heresies

flagrantly disregarding the possibility that the Redwall animals could be Orthodox

Guys they are Anglican, this means not only is there a mouse pope there was a mouse king who really wanted a divorce

At mouse scale, that would be Henry the 1/8th.

this is the only valid speculation thread my post has created

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